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The Liv-in Vilnius co-living project is a “care-taken-of-everything” solution for the accommodation of professionals working in the City. Here, the members are welcomed to enjoy the cosy environment and well-equipped apartments, while the functional spaces intended for communication, sports and work promote the creation of high quality living.

How Does Liv_in Vilnius Benefit You?
The housing estate offers for rent 240 apartments with co-living spaces designed not only for accommodation but also for you leisure activities.

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The Liv_in Vilnius housing estate will be located in the northern part of the central Vilnius in the neighbourhood of the Technopolis complex of business buildings and within just a 10-minute walk to the Ozas entertainment centre.

The strategic location of the Liv_in Vilnius project will allow its residents to conveniently reach all the major business and technology centres of Vilnius City on foot or within some fifteen minutes by car or public transport. Feel the pulse of the City and save your time by selecting a living space designed to meet the needs of busy urban professionals.

  • Business center Europa 3.7 km
  • Sunrise valley 5 km
  • Shopping centre Ozas 0.6 km
  • Shopping centre Akropolis 2.8 km
  • Vichy aqua park 0.6 km
  • Cathedral Square 4.8 km
  • Vilnius airport 12 km
  • Station
    8 km


5-block Complex for a Different Type of Rent

The Liv_in Vilnius co-living complex consists of 5 blocks connected by a horizontal communication and elevators. There will be no shortage of modern conveniences for a comfortable life of the residents. You can safely park and charge your car in the underground parking, keep a bicycle or other equipment in lockable storages, as well as make use of the active sharing platforms zone, where necessary.

The great deal of attention is paid not only to modern technical solutions but also to the creation of an inspiring environment. The cosy yards with greenery and small architecture elements, as well as recreational spaces, will enable you to slow down the pace and get recharged with new energy.

You are welcome from Q3 2020.

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Bicycle storage and


Self-service laundry room

Sporto salė



Spaces of work


Library for

Everything an Urban Person Might Need


The key feature of Co-living is that it enables a more productive, flexible and comfortable style of life without the burden of financial obligations to banks. The Liv_in Vilnius project has created functional common spaces for community building, partying, sports, recreation or work of the residents.


We wish the community members to live a purposeful and diverse life, therefore, various events (parties, lectures, presentations, birthday celebrations, coffee talks with interesting people) are regularly organised within the Liv_in Vilnius project.


For the convenience of the sportive residents, the gym is accessible directly from the rented apartments. We encourage our residents to be active and promote a dynamic lifestyle! 


The kitchens on each floor are the places where the most brilliant ideas are born, the laughter sounds and the residents taste the food cooked together. The kitchens are equipped with all things a modern person might need: from cooking equipment to cutlery.


The project provides two open green spaces. There is more to Liv_in Vilnius than shared spaces for working and living: we encourage our residents to make use of the green spaces and to have rest from work in the embrace of nature.

Fully Equipped Apartments

The apartments of different types with the floor area of up to 39 m2 have been designed for the Liv_in Vilnius complex to satisfy individual needs of the residents. Furthermore, each living space is equipped with a private shower room, a small functional kitchen and a balcony. This way, you will have all the necessary apartment functions even when selecting smaller spaces.

The apartments feature bright minimalist interior, high-quality materials and modern lighting solutions to make it easier to relax after daily activities and make you feel at home.

  • Personal shower rooms
  • Personal bedrooms
  • Personal balconys
  • Kitchen space for cooking
  • Specially designed funkcional furniture
  • High quality, bright and stylish decoration

Types of Apartments

    • Up to 36 m2
    • Possibility to have a double bed
    • Private kitchenette with oven
    • Double sofa bed
    • Up to 26 m2
    • Possibility to have a double bed
    • Bar table in the dining room
    • Double sofa bed
    • Up to 22 m2
    • Kitchenette
    • Intended for one person
    • With writing-desk
    • Up to 20 m2
    • Kitchenette
    • Intended for one person
    • Shared kitchen space
    • Up to 39 m2
    • Two bedrooms
    • Two separate sanitary rooms
    • Ideal for co-living with friends

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